Swedish Academy to award two Nobel literature prizes after scandal hit them last year


Stockholm: The Swedish Academy will confer two Nobel literature laureates this year in order to make up for the lack of one in 2018 as scandal-plagued the academy over a sexual harassment allegation.

Last year’s Nobel was withheld for the first time since 1949 after the Swedish Academy, the august institution that selects the winners, was hit with a sexual misconduct scandal that saw the husband of one member imprisoned for rape.

Experts say the academy will seek to avoid ruffling any feathers with this year’s choice of laureates as it seeks to move on from the scandal.

Some names creating a buzz ahead of this year’s literature prize are Canadian poet Anne Carson, Kenyan writer Ngugi Wa Thiong’o and French Guadeloupean Maryse Conde, according to betting sites such as Unibet.

Stockholm’s literary circles have also speculated about Romanian poet and novelist Mircea Cartarescu and Polish writer and activist Olga Tokarczuk.

Previous winners include Bob Dylan (2016), Alice Munro (2013), Orhan Pamuk (2006), Toni Morrison (2003) and Gabriel García Márquez (1982). The winning writer receives nine million Swedish kronor (£740,000), as well as a medal and a diploma.

The prize was launched in 1901.

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