‘Swachh Dhan Abhiyan’ launched to track 18 lakh suspicious depositors


New Delhi: The Income Tax Department has identified about 18 lakh customers who have made suspicious deposits to their accounts post demonetization and will very soon employ data analytics to trace their source of income.

The department said identified persons will be sent emails and messages to comply with an explanation within 10 days from the date of notification failing which enforcement actions will be ensured.

A project ‘Operation Clean Money’ or ‘Swachh Dhan Abhiyan’ was earlier launched today under the CBDT functionality which will assess people’s accounts through data analysis and prepare reports.

During the preliminary stages persons who have deposited Rs 5 lakh or more and those between Rs 3 and 5 lakh will be accounted for especially the ones who have poor tax returns and suspicious sources of income.

CBDT Chairman Sushil Chandra said there are over 1 crore accounts where more than Rs 2 lakh has been deposited with about 70 lakh unique PAN. Out of that about 18 lakh depositors are under the scanner whose income profile, turnover and various other particulars are also being inspected. The final reports will be available on the agency’s e-portal.

The tax body also confirmed that there would be no physical harassment of any kind towards any depositors since they do not have to personally visit for verification.

In case of any difficulty in submitting online response, the tax department has made 1800-4250-0025 as the online helpline number.

The process works like this. Cases will be selected for verification and if found of any suspicion then request for additional information will be automatically communicated electronically. After which the depositors have to furnish their required documents online and if their reasons are validated then case would be automatically closed.

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