Sustha Maa Sustha Sishu Initiative To Address Malnutrition In Deogarh


Deogarh: After being adjudged the 1st district in Odisha to become Open Defecation Free (ODF), the Deogarh District Administration has launched “Sustha Maa Sustha Sishu” initiative.

Designed in April 2019, the “Sustha Maa Sustha Sishu” campaign aims to make Deogarh district malnutrition-free. In this programme all Children (0-6yr) and all PWs underwent health screening and critical mothers are categorized as per different curable health parameters while children are categorized as per different categories. Each and every individual case was analysed and a specific improvement strategy was planned. Then their improvement was taken up on target basic which was decided each month and monitor by the Collector himself.

Under the supervision of ICDS and Health Supervisors, Local teams were formed with local ASHA, ANM, and AWW who were tasked to visit households with such cases and counsel the mother and family about nutrition intake, sanitation, hygiene, and behavioral modifications. THR and SNP were focused and ensured that it was taken properly and appropriately by the concern mother and child. Other than VHND special health camps were arranged at GP level to pursue health check-up at the doorstep and Specialist medical officers were sent to selected PHC and CHCs in each ICDS block to ensure effective and accessible medical services to PWs and Malnutrition children.

When the District Administration took up the initiative “Sustha Maa Sustha Sishu” in April 2019, Child Malnutrition was much high in the district as compared to many other districts. After continuous and intensive efforts malnutrition was minimized almost 80 percentages from the numbers in April in different categories.

In April 2019, Deogarh district has total 15 nos. of Children in Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) Category which is reduced to7 in November, 196 nos. of Children in Orange Category in April and reduced to 74 in November and 3114 nos. of Children in Yellow category in April that was reduced to 678 in November, 2019.

Similarly PWs with risk factors was also reduced remarkably in different categories by November, 2019, i.e. no of Multigravida cases to 51, No of Underage cases to 74, cases of low hemoglobin to 25, cases of very low and very high BP to 9, Cases of low weight gains to 14, cases of low spacing delivery to 117 and other cases of critical medical complicacies to 46 in number. In a nutshell, it is an approach where Health, ICDS, and Administration jointly collaborated and through convergence mode the initiative was implemented.

The initiative is going on and efforts continuing, the success will lead to a malnutrition free district that has been targeted by March 2020.

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