Suspended Bonai BEO threatens to move court over MDM issue


Rourkela: Bonai Block Education Officer (BEO) Binay Prakash Soy has said that he will take shelter of court if doesn’t get justice from Sundargarh Collector in connection with MDM gaffe.

Soy said he will try his best to put forth his standpoint before Sundargarh Collector Nikhil Pawan Kalyan relating to the mid-day meal (MDM) in which chicken was not included as one of the items served to him. He has made it clear that during his visit to Taleimal school on October 3 he took the lunch with the staff there.

He was served fried bitter gourd, mashed potato and cucumber which was shared by an assistant teacher and the headmaster’s menu also included the same. Soy said the photographs of MDM session were posted on the WhatsApp group of the teachers.

“It was unfortunate that the event has gone viral unnecessarily with the aspersion that chicken was served with the MDM session at the school. The district Collector has placed me under suspension without giving a show-cause notice,” Soy alleged. He said the Collector has not verified the matter before taking such a drastic step.

The suspended BEO has blamed the media that it has blown the incident out of proportions. He alleged that the district Collector has taken the action hurriedly.

Soy further said that he has earned adversaries in the past one year by working on principles and punishing errant teachers and clerks. “The viral incident might have been their machination and they have taken the help of media to malign me,” Soy said.

The suspended BEO said when there is rampant corruption in the district and allegations are rife that a number of teachers are involved in scams related to the distribution of books, uniforms, and shoes, the administration has done nothing to bring the culprits to book. Instead, it was swayed away by wild allegations, he added.

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