Surprising Health Benefits Of Jalapeños


New Delhi: Jalapenos are one of the most favoured varieties of chilli pepper. This popular vegetable is botanically classified into fruit pods that belong to the genus Capsicum, members of the nightshade family Solanaceae, jalapenos are closely related to paprika, bell peppers and cayenne peppers.

Remedies Stomach Ulcers

Stomach ulcer is a common health condition that affects most people and caused due to the growth of H. Pylori bacteria, increased acid secretion, improper blood flow, stress, excessive alcohol consumption and smoking. Intake of spicy foods like jalapenos are known to worsen stomach ulcers, however, studies have proven this to be false. The fact is capsaicin in pepper may shield the stomach from developing ulcers and reduce stomach inflammation.

Natural Pain Relievers

Capsaicin works as an incredible pain reliever when applied topically. It eases pain temporarily by blocking the pain receptors cells in the regions where it is applied. It may produce a burning sensation initially, followed by numbness and offer total respite from pain. Nowadays, capsaicin lotions and patches are used to alleviate pain caused by the shingles virus, diabetic neuropathic pain and chronic muscle and joint pain. Furthermore, a nasal spray containing capsaicin is also beneficial in easing migraines.

Supports Weight Loss

Jalapenos may help you lose weight considerably by triggering the metabolism, burning fat, and lowering appetite. The rich array of active compounds presents in Jalapeno including capsaicin and capsaicinoids have proven to boost metabolism by 5 %, thereby making it easier to shed those stubborn fats. Additionally, capsaicinoid supplements hold a significant role in reducing abdominal fat and cut down overall calorie intake by 50%. Thus, adding jalapeno as part of regular cooking is well-known to reduce the risk of becoming overweight or obese over a period.

Boosts Immunity

Fresh jalapeno is laden with vitamin C which provides about 118 mcg or almost 200% of the daily allowance of vitamin C per serving. Being a potent antioxidant, vitamin C is needed for collagen synthesis in the system, which plays a key role in maintaining the integrity of blood vessels, skin, tissues, organs, and bones. Adding foods rich in vitamin C supports the body to scavenge detrimental toxins, and pro-inflammatory free radicals bolsters the immune system and keeps diseases at bay.

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