Surprising Health Benefits Of Cloves


New Delhi: Cloves are packed with numerous essential vitamins, minerals, as well as dietary fibers. Cloves are a rich source of manganese, a key trace mineral for optimal brain functions and strengthening bones, along with calcium and phosphorous. Here are some benefits you must know about.

1. Promotes Digestion

Cloves improve digestion by stimulating enzyme secretions and increasing digestive motility. Cloves are best used for easing flatulence, gastric irritability, dyspepsia, and nausea.

2. Controls Diabetes

Cloves are best for people with high blood sugar levels. Research has found that cloves improve insulin sensitivity and aids in the efficient functioning of insulin.

3. Good For Bones And Joints

Cloves are packed with hydro-alcoholic compounds such as eugenol and flavonoids that help increase bone density and mineral content in bones. People with weak bones and osteoporosis are benefitted from taking cloves regularly.

4. Boosts Immune System

The amazing ingredient, eugenol in clove is very effective against many harmful bacteria, fungus, and virus. The anti-viral and blood purification potential of clove decrease the toxicity in blood and increase the resistance against diseases by stimulating white blood cells.

5. Reduces Body Pain And Inflammation

The eugenol in cloves possesses strong anti-inflammatory properties and helps ease pain by stimulating pain receptors in the body. Clove oil or extract provides relief from arthritis, inflammation, and any pain in general.

6. Relieves Toothache

Clove oil is an effective remedy for dental pain, toothaches, sore gums, and mouth ulcers due to its germicidal properties. As per the American Dental Association clove oil has been approved as a dental anesthetic.

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