Supp concludes a 21 Day Mileage Challenge in collaboration with Major Surendra Poonia


New Delhi: Supp Nutrition, India’s first personalised nutrition brand concluded their 21-day SuppBharat Mileage Challenge in collaboration with FitBharat-a flagship initiative of Major Surendra Poonia, VSM.

With the mission to make 2020 India fit, active, and healthy, the challenge was kickstarted as a New Year fitness drive from 6th January to 26th January 2020. Participants were required to record their daily miles walked on phone or other fitness devices and share a screenshot of the miles walked by them. The challenge was started as an online twitter movement to urge the Indian youth to adapt to a healthier and active lifestyle. On the basis of 1400+ screenshots uploaded, daily and weekly winners were rewarded with Healthy Nation Goodies Bag to encourage them.

Speaking on the occasion, Major Poonia remarked, “Every good act takes 21 days to become a habit. The SuppBharat campaign was celebrated to realise the importance of those good habits. Constant challenges like these ensure that citizens make activity a part of their everyday lifestyle. It was overwhelming to see such a huge number of people turn up on twitter to take part in the drive.”

Supp Nutrition is India’s first nutrition brand with a vision to device convenient ways so taking care of health is exciting without compromising on the quality and safety. It is also the first brand in India to introduce personalised vitamin & mineral kits to align with the dietary needs and lifestyle of a person. As the motto of Supp Nutrition goes ‘Just What You Need’, it is a genuine effort to realise the meaning of nutrition differently for every one according to their specific goals, needs, and lifestyle preferences.

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