Supermodel Kristen McMenamy Ditches Valentino Heels After She Falls At Paris Fashion Week


Paris: A video has surfaced on the internet which shows supermodel Kristen McMenamy tripping and falling in stilettos at Valentino’s spring 2023 haute couture show in Paris.

The video shows a supermodel struggling to walk in sky-high stilettos on the runway, she soon falls down and ditches the heels. The supermodel visibly annoyed take off her heels.

However, Ms McMenamy is unable to walk back after the tumble, maybe because of a possible foot injury. The supermodel was able to finish her walk.

The caption of the video reads, “it’s like every season Valentino have an issue with their heels?”


The video has collected nearly 6 million views on Twitter. A user commented, “by the look on her face I can tell she probably already told them the shoes didn’t fit and they made her wear them anyway only for this to be the moment. y’all have no idea how the fashion shows can be hell backstage.”

Another user wrote, “I don’t understand how literal VALENTINO still makes models walk in shoes that are too small???”

The third user commented, “I fear they just aren’t giving the correct sizes or their shoes are just that bad to walk in because if you have a Nineties legend tripping like that? Hmm.”


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