Superb Health Benefits Of This Delicious Sitaphal


New Delhi: Locally known as “Sitaphal” in Hindi and Telugu, “Sharifa” in Punjabi and “Seethapazham” in Malayalam, the custard apple is also called sugar apple, cherimoya or sweetsop. It is well known for its intense sugary flavour and being extensively used in desserts, such as kheers, milkshakes and ice creams.

Provides Ample Energy

With a high calorific value, custard apple provides the simple sugars glucose and fructose, for sustaining the body’s energy requirements. Also, being rich in iron, it eliminates lethargy and cures anaemia.

Treats Skin Infections

Custard apples are a treasure trove of skin-enriching elements, namely vitamin B5, vitamin C, vitamin A, zinc and copper. These work in synergy, to effectively heal acne, abscesses, allergies and other skin ailments.

Controls Diabetes Symptoms

Custard apples are bestowed with polyphenolic antioxidants. These vastly elevate insulin production and glucose absorption, thereby keeping diabetes in check.

Enhances Brain Activity

Custard apples are naturally endowed with vitamin B6, which stimulates the brain. It is hence useful for proper nerve signalling, increasing concentration, alleviating depression and uplifting moods.

Improves Heart Function

Comprising noteworthy levels of healthy unsaturated fats and omega-6 fatty acids, custard apples work wonders in reinforcing the cardiac system.

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