Sundargarh Village Locals Conduct Written Exam To Elect Sarpanch Candidates


Sundargarh: In a unique way to test their sarpanch candidates ahead of panchayat polls in the state, Kutra gram panchayat locals in Sundargarh district have conducted a written examination.

Surprisingly, the candidates also agreed to face the test. Out of the nine Sarpanch candidates, eight appeared in the written examination. However, only three candidates cleared the examination.

The candidates faced a written test having questions like- What are your 5 goals of being a Sarpanch candidate? If elected as Sarpanch, what are your goals for the next 5 years? How many villages, wards and people are there in the gram panchayat? and, describe the previous Sarpanch.

Finally, the villagers have decided to vote for the three candidates who passed the exam. Each villager will decide on his or her personal level on who to vote among the three.

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