Suna Besha: ‘Kia’ Of Lord Jagannath’s Headgear Partially Broken


Puri: During the Suna Besha rituals of the ‘Holy Trinity’, that was held yesterday,  a portion of the headgear (Kirita) of Lord Jagannath was found missing.

The Kirita of Lord Jaganath had only 20 ‘Kias’ (top portion of the headgear) instead of the usual 21 ‘Kias’.

On being questioned servitors of Lord Jagannath temple said that the ‘Kias’ broke during the rituals after being accidentally hit by someone’s hand.

He also assured that the broken portion of the headgear has been safely preserved and the ornament will be repaired soon.

Chhattisa Nijoga of Holy Trinity has also alerted the Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) about the incident.

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