SUM tragedy: Police acting helpless as accused still at large


Bhubaneswar: While fire mishap at Kolkata AMRI hospital adjudged the owners and trustees culprits and left them to cool their heels behind the bars, the tragedy that occurred in our own backyard in SUM hospital has developed an exception to the rule of punishment for culprit.

Following the death of 30 persons inflicted with burns from the fire tragedy, police arrested the owner Manoj Nayak some days later after the accident and issued notice against the other trustee Manoj’s wife Saswati Das and sister Arati Nayak to appear and face interrogation.

After severe protests to free the owner police but could not rise above the occasion and ceased to pressure showing ways for Nayak to escape the grips of law. It is to be noted Manoj has been granted bail and is free. Similarly it has sat hands crossed while only giving time after time to both the absconding trustees.

Question arises that when Manoj was arrested why did the police not arrest both the trustees the same day by sending in women constable.why are they waiting for them to turn themselves in.

Police has only issued lookout circular against their name and are sitting still. What about the lives of the dozens of people who lost their lives during the mishap. Do they not have any value? What can now be done to provide justice to the unfortunate who died and why so soft on the ones who are responsible in this mishap. Is it not softness on the part of police to allow these two times to appear as they keep citing health reasons for not being able to present themselves? These are questions that police need to answer.

While the rule suggests that anyone who has been issued lookouts should be pursued by police but in this case police is only postponing the deadline for them allowing them to make free time to claim advanced bail plea.

Sources said that both the trustees have applied for advanced bail plea.

Notably, in a sever accident last month on 17th as many as 19 persons died in a hour or two after a fire broke out in the emergency dialysis ward of SUM hospital. Subsequently 11 other persons also succumbed to injuries.

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