Sudasha Brata: Odia Women Worship Goddess Lakshmi, Observe Fast


Bhubaneswar: In Odisha, Sudasha Brata Festival is one of the famous festivals. All the rituals are dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi.

This festival is celebrated by the ladies who take the promise for the prosperity of their relatives. This celebration of Odisha is praised at whatever point there is a blend of Shukla Paksha, Thursday and Dasami.

In this Sudasha Brata Festival, Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped by giving around 10 “Manda Pithas”. In this festival, a sacrosanct string which is of 10 layers of the string is readied which is tied on the arms of the ladies till the entry of the following Sudasha Brata Festival.

The 10 knots are given uttering these names of Maa Lakshmi:

  • First knot (pratham ganthi) – Lakhmi Narayani
  • Second knot (dutiya ganthi) – Kamatini
  • Third knot (thrutiya ganthi) – Srihari ra Priyaa
  • Fourth knot (chaturtha ganthi) – Padmatayaa
  • Fifth knot (panchama ganthi) – Kamataa
  • Sixth knot (sasta ganthi) – Chanchataa
  • Seventh knot (saptama ganthi) – Bighnaseni
  • Eigth knot (astama ganthi) – Sindura Dutani
  • Nineth knot (nabama ganthi) – Durgati Naashini
  • Tenth knot (dashama ganthi) -Vishnu Paataraani

On the following Sudasha Brata Festival, this string is supplanted by another one. So this festival is one of the religious festivals and an imperative festival of the ladies of Odisha.

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