Sudanese in upbeat mood awaiting transition to civilian rule


Khartoum: The Sudanese are eagerly awaiting the transition to civilian rule which many bring increased freedom and prosperity to the country.

The African country was poised on Saturday to celebrate a historic deal between generals and protest leaders for the much anticipated civilian rule.

According to reports, members of the Transitional Military Council and protest leaders are expected to sign documents defining a 39-month transition.

Observers, however, said the road to democracy remains fraught with obstacles.

The agreement brokered by the African Union and Ethiopia was welcomed with relief by both sides. The  protesters celebrated as the victory of their “revolution”. The generals took credit for averting civil war.

Videos shared on social media showed the town of Atbara, the birthplace of the protests back in December, people on Friday night danced and sang at the train station as they prepared to travel to Khartoum.

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