Submarine INS Khanderi inducted to Navy


New Delhi: The Indian Navy on Saturday inducted indigenously built Kalvari class diesel-electric submarine known as INS Khanderi.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh commissioned the submarine.

Khanderi is built at state-run Mazgaon Dock Limited and underwent rigorous sea trials for over two and a half years. Khanderi is inspired by the fish name Kanneri found in the Arabian sea, which very well known for hunting while swimming close to the bottom of the ocean, using barbells to find their prey and use their long serrated saw to kill the prey.

Key features of the submarine include a state-of-the-art technology which reduces its noise under the sea. Another crucial feature of the new submarine is that unlike the previous requirement of 60 crew, its maximum requirement is 36 crew. It saves oxygen availability and increases its capacity to stay underwater for long periods.

The submarine’s motto ‘Akhand Abhedya Adrishya’ signifies the unity of the crew, indomitable spirit and stealth of the platform.

Indian Navy had commissioned first Khanderi submarine on December 6, 1968, and served till its decommissioning on October 18, 1989. Apart from Khanderi, four more submarines are under construction at MDL. These submarines including – Karanj which is currently undergoing sea phase trials. Apart from that, Vela, Vagir and Vagsheer are upcoming Scorpene submarines of Indian Navy.

Khanderi’s Combat Capacities:   

  • Khanderi can target submarines are well as surface ships. The weight of Khanderi is about 1775 tonnes.
  • Its deadly armament of torpedoes can hunt surface ships as well as submarines. The torpedoes can be fired from six 21 inch tubes or SM.39 Exocet anti-ship missiles.
  • In place of torpedoes and missiles, Khanderi can also carry 30 anti-ship mines.
  • Apart from that, Khanderi will be useful for intelligence gathering and area surveillance operations.

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