Storytelling a big draw at City Festival


Bhubaneswar: The Bhubaneswar City Festival (.FEST) continues to draw audiences in thousands who are left amazed by the experiences at the festival.

The second day of BhuFeSto – International Storytelling Festival also witnessed enthusiastic audiences who thronged the three parks for an engaging experience of curated storytelling sessions.

The evening entertainment began with opening acts by popular stand-up comedians, Rohit Swain and Kumar Varun. They set the tone for a fun night and left audiences in splits.

Known for his trademark angry-rant styled humour, Biswa Kalyan Rath was at his best as he left the audiences chuckling for more. Covering topics about everyday experience with telephones, mathematics and many more, the comedian entertained the audiences for 45 minutes with his whacky rants that were clubbed with lots of fun and relatable contexts.

The second day of BhuFeSTo (International Storytelling Festival) beckoned audiences once again for a memorable storytelling experience. Hundreds of people ranging from young to old including a couple nearing the centenarian mark attended the session. Curated by Bakul Foundation for .FEST, the storytelling session brought together world-class storytellers from across the world like France, Kenya, Argentina and Thailand.

Wangari Grace, the most famous storyteller from Kenya and Africa, is known for themed performances and making her storytelling sessions personalized and interactive. At BuFeSto, Wangari brought to life jungle and animals who walk the jungle in her storytelling session. The message she tried to put forth through her stories was about being determined in life in all pursuits. She ended her session with a song in Swahili and the kids sang along like it was a very familiar language.

Paula Martin, renowned storyteller from Argentina narrated a tale of witches reunion and a woodcutter in her magical way. The clever use of audio with various Latin-American instruments such as the ukele, wind-horn and a high pitched witch cry had the audience jumping out of their skin.

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