Stand-up comedy is just like entrepreneurship which needs proper investment: Vipul Goyal


Bhubaneswar: Ace comedian-actor Vipul Goyal is in Bhubaneswar for his show and while speaking to Pragativadi he opined that his work as an actor-comedian is to make people aware via jokes.

When asked about one of his very famous comedy themes on ‘Kashmir issue’ which is now a talk of every town, he said that he has highlighted almost every issue in such a manner that the audience will get an authentic sense of that incident and will keep themselves connected.

“I did not choose the 24×7 kind of job because my dream was to invest in my passion. Stand-up comedy is just like entrepreneurship in that how much you put the effort in it you will get success via people,” Goyal said.

Taking about his acting journey, he said,” Essence of working hard in a specific field comes when you get inspiration from others. I am greatly inspired by famous stand-up comedian of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, Raju Shrivastava… Seeing him on the big screen and creating content on recent topics like him is making me and I’m still learning.”

Vipul studied electrical engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay and often he was seen on Social Media platforms inspiring students who are preparing for IIT-JEE.

“Every person tries to make their fanbase through his concerned field and being an IITian it was my theme to create content for the young mass. I have never done any inspirational or motivational shows but yes I try to make myself connected with the people with ‘engineering’ as a topic,” he said.

While other stand-up comedians are getting a lot of abuse from various sectors and they have become controversial, Goyal has made out himself from controversy.

“First of all, I put every issue in my comedy. As I have no political inclination, I make jokes about every political party. If there is anything that happens which supposed to be the part of the comedy, I take it and I represent it before the audience and it automatically gets thumbs up. There are a lot of people who have become the target of various political parties’ IT cells but as an actor-comedian, my work is to entertain people and that’s it,” he added.

Goyal, a noted stand-up comedian & actor, is counted among the top comedy performers in India and also plays the main protagonist in the web series Humorously Yours. The show revolves around his struggles of becoming a comedian and season 2 depicts his life after his success. He is often called the “Indian Seinfeld’ as he does some observational comedy.

He regularly performs at colleges and companies all over the country. He is regularly invited to media forums for discussions on the Indian standup scene or his hilarious takes on current affairs.

India’s one of the most popular Radio Networks, 93.5 RED FM has organised a stand-up comedy show, in which Vipul Goyal performed on Saturday evening.

The event of RED FM MUSICOM also featured the electrifying live performance by the Kolkata-based rock band–Urban Monkz at the Hotel New Marrion in Bhubaneswar.

By Abinash Pani

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