Srimandir Is Fully Safe & Mahaprabhu’s Work Is Everyone’s Work: Puri Gajapati


Puri: Reacting to the under-construction Puri Heritage Corridor project, titular king Gajapati Dibya Singha Deb claimed that Srimandir is fully safe.

“Mahaprabhu’s work is everyone’s work. It’s not the work of any individual, or of any party or any government. Everyone’s cooperation is needed for projects being undertaken for the benefit of devotees,” opined Deb after the controversy erupted over the Corridor project.

He said that if there is any problem it should be sorted out through discussion.

“Any kind of agitation or similar obstacles should not be created in Mahaprabhu’s work. If there is any problem it should be sorted out by arriving at a solution through discussion. The ‘Parikrama’ project will leave an impact globally,” he added.

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