Splendid Health Benefits Of Masoor Dal 


New Delhi: Masoor dal, also known as red lentil is widely used in Indian cuisine owing to its indispensable nutritional profile and therapeutic benefits. A bowl of masoor dal is all you need to meet your daily requirement of essential nutrients. It’s an easy-to-cook dal as it is a split lentil without skin and does not need prior soaking. Here are some other health and nutritional advantages of Masoor Dal: 

Manages Diabetes 

Masoor dal is an abundant source of dietary fibre and low on the glycaemic index, making it an ideal addition to the diabetic’s meal plan. Masoor dal is known to slow down the gastric emptying time, delay digestion, and avert blood sugar spikes. Regular addition of this dal helps diabetic’s to regulate the blood sugar level considerably.  

Promotes Skin Health 

Notable amounts of potent antioxidants in masoor dal combats free radical damage of skin tissues and confers anti-ageing benefits for glowing skin. The rich array of essential nutrients in masoor dal bolsters the immune system and works as an anti-ageing superfood. Apart from this, the masoor dal face pack blended with turmeric and honey helps to lighten the skin tone and remove dark spots. Masoor dal face packs assist in nourishing the skin from inside out and revamp the skin radiance and glow.   

Maintains Weight  

Red lentils or masoor dal can be a great addition to your diet that facilitates shedding excess fat and losing weight naturally. An ample amount of dietary fibre in masoor dal keeps you satiated, slows down the digestion process, and also regularises the bowel movements. A diet rich in fibre and protein is proven to curb unwanted hunger pangs, reduce overall calorie intake, and promote weight loss.  

Improves Gut Health 

Masoor dal has a significant source of dietary fibre, which is incredibly good to stimulate the digestion process and averts instances of constipation, bloating, and other digestive woes. Red lentils add bulks to the stool and enhance the peristalsis movement which assists in the smooth passing of food and waste materials out of the system. Furthermore, masoor dal can prevent stomach ulcers, colon cancer, and other digestive ailments. 

Strengthens Bones 

Noteworthy amounts of calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium in masoor dal are beneficial in building bone health and maintaining healthy teeth. Red lentils have the amazing potential to lower the risk of bone injuries, fractures, and osteoporosis as you age. The essential nutrients in masoor dal are well known to promote growth and development. 

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