Spike In Vegetable’s Price Burn Holes In Pockets

Bhubaneswar: The continuous rise in the prices of vegetables is burning a hole in the pockets of denizens of Bhubaneswar who are suffering from unemployment, pay cuts, and infection risks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Potato, which is considered as the poor man’s staple food and was sold at Rs 18 to 20 per kg, costs Rs 50 per kg now while onion, another kitchen essential is being sold at Rs 70 to 80 per kg. Most of the green vegetables have also seen a spike in prices i.e. above Rs 40. The price of beans has increased to Rs 60-70 per kg. Tomato which was earlier available at 40per kg is now sold at Rs 80.

The high prices of vegetables have not just affected the consumer’s lifestyle but also reduced the earnings of the vendors. The customers who used to buy a kilogram of potatoes are now managing with half a kilogram. The buying quantity has also remarkably reduced. Besides, there is a shortage of vegetables in the market due to disruption in the supply chain during the COVID-19 lockdown.