SPG writes to West Bengal DGP on PM security


Kolkata: The Special Protection Group (SPG), responsible for Prime Minister’s security, has written to state DGP on the security concern following road show attack.

According to reports, Thursday is the last day of electioneering in West Bengal. The election commission has curtailed the campaigning in West Bengal in view of the violence between BJP and TMC workers in the state capital.

The campaigning is set to end at 10 pm on Thursday, a day before the scheduled deadline.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is to address two rallies in West Bengal on Thursday, one at Mathurapur and the other in Dum Dum.

The West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has also scheduled to address a rally in Mathurapura just before PM’s rally.

This has raised concerns among the SPG, which has now written a letter to the state security establishment, including the state director general of police.

Mamata’s rally is set to be held at a venue in Mathurapura, almost next to the PM’s venue.

The SPG suspects clashes could be a possibility at the PM’s rally considering the workers of the two parties would be present in close proximity.

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