Speculations of BTS Jungkook and Calvin Klein collaboration make fans go crazy


Seoul: On January 30, 2023, the Calvin Klein’s Executive Vice President and Global Head of Creative, Cedric Murac, started following BTS Jungkook on Instagram, naturally sparking speculation of a possible collaboration between Calvin Klein and Jungkook. While the exact details of what the collaboration between the two is about haven’t been revealed yet, fans anticipate Jungkook’s title as a brand ambassador among other theories.

Given that BTS Jungkook has been really inactive since December, when they last saw him send off BTS Jin for his mandatory military service, the sudden crash of the news has stunned many ARMYs. Inevitably, within hours of fans noticing Cedric Murac’s following, the news went viral with the combined keywords of Jungkook and Calvin Klein trending on Twitter.

Upon hearing the news, ARMYs went down a spiral of emotions, anticipating the possible things that would result from this collab. From brand campaigns to photoshoots, fans are really excited to see what BTS Jungkook has in store for them with his new embarkation.

During the Yet To Come Busan Concert that BTS held back in October 2022, a particular point when Jungkook flashed his chiseled abs to the crowd was one of the many iconic moments that budded out of the concert. As he flashed his abs, a hint of Calvin Klein underwear was also revealed and this was something that the idol went viral for too, back then.

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