Soups To Fight Cold and Flu


Bhubaneswar: Flu season is at its peak right now. While fighting back with medications, some more traditional treatments during this year’s flu season may help along the way.

Full of vitamins and nutrients, broth-based soups may be the only way to get some food down during a flu or bad cold.

Chicken Noodle Soup   

This broth based classic provides the most benefit when it is freshly made, from scratch. Now you can cheat a little and buy the broth, but make sure to use fresh, non-pre-cooked vegetables in your soup so that you can benefit from the vitamins and minerals. Please no canned chicken soup full of soggy noodles and tiny chunks of chicken-like meat. That won’t do you any good.

Vegetarian Garlic Soup

This soup is packed full of nutrient-rich vegetables like carrot, mushroom and other vegetables. The main ingredient, garlic, is believed to boost the immune system.

Hot and Sour Soup

Hot and sour soup is loaded with nutritious ingredients such as chicken stock, green onions, tofu, bamboo, and ginger.

Ginger, a key ingredient in hot and sour soup, is a natural way to treat nausea, a common symptom of the flu.

Japanese Clear Onion Soup

Japanese Clear Onion Soup is the perfect remedy. This simple broth-based soup is primarily made of meat broths and vegetables simmered together over a long period of time to create a deep rich flavor.

The vegetables are then removed so the soup is clear, and garnishes like scallions and thinly sliced mushrooms are added to the top.

It’s good for you and gives the body the sustenance it needs while easing you back to life.

Tomato Basil Blender Soup

Roasted tomatoes, onions, and garlic are blended with fresh basil into the most luxurious and fresh tomato soup.

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