Sort Your Evening Snacks With Minty Foxnuts


New Delhi: The Mint/Pudina foxnuts recipe has a cool, refreshing & tangy flavour with a heavenly combination of mint and chaat masala. It is an ideal snack, and they work perfectly well for kids’ school tiffin, a snack option, or an evening chai time break.


  • 20 gm Foxnut
  • 20 ml Ghee Or Olive Oil
  • 5 gm Mint Powder
  • 1 gm Chat Masala Powder


  1. Heat ghee in a pan and add foxnuts, and dry roast them on very low heat for 2-3 minutes until they are crisp.
  2. Add a teaspoon of ghee to the middle of the same pan along with the roasted Foxnuts, add dry mint powder, chat masala powder, and mix everything together well on medium-low flame and roast for another minute and turn off the gas.
  3. Foxnuts are ready to serve.

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