Social distancing is vital in breaking COVID-19 chain: Subroto Bagchi


Bhubaneswar: The role of social distancing in breaking the chain of COVID-19 is vital, said Odisha Government’s Chief Spokesperson on COVID-19, Subroto Bagchi today.

Addressing a presser at Geeta Govinda Sadan here on Wednesday, Bagchi said: “Most people remain unaffected today because they have stepped out of like a matchstick. This is perfect example of breaking the chain.

Bagchi played an animation video ‘Safety Match’, created by famous Los Angeles artist couple Juan Declan and Valentina Izaguirre, showing the importance of social distancing which is critical to slowing down the COVID-19 spread.

The animation shows a series how a matchstick that breaks the chain exemplifies the positive effects that social distancing can have against COVID-19.

The Chief Spokesperson stated that responsible and dutiful behaviour in the last few weeks has paid rich dividends.

Sanjay Kumar Singh, Commissioner-cum-Secretary of Information & Public Relations Department, explained the social distancing with the help of charts.

In the first box, one person who does not obey any of the guidelines issued by the government infects 2.5 persons in five days. In a span of 30 days, the number of infected persons goes up to 406.

In the second box, a person who follows 50% of the guidelines issued by the government and in five days the person infects 1.25 persons and these persons in a span of 30 days infect 15 persons- a steep drop from 406 to 15.

In the third box, a person who follows 75% guidelines and in 30 days span limits the infection to 2.5 persons.

“So by observing the guidelines issued by the government we could limit the infection considerably,” he advised.

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