Snana Jatra: Holy Trinity On Snana Mandap After Dhadi Pahandi


Puri: On the occasion of Snana Purnima, the ‘Pahandi Bije’ of the Holy Trinity was completed. Lord Jagannath & his divine siblings were placed on Snana Mandap after Dhadi Pahandi for the grand bathing rituals.

Lord Sudarshan reaches the Snana Bedi first followed by Lord Balabhadra, Devi Subhadra and Lord Jagannath.


It is noteworthy that the Snana Yatra is an annual bathing festival of deities celebrated on the Purnima (full moon day) of the Hindu month of Jyeshtha.

On the eve of the auspicious occasion of Snana Yatra, the idols of the deities are brought out from the Garbhagriha (sanctum sanctorum) to the Snana Bedi following the ritual of Pahandi.

The deities are bathed with 108 pots of ritually purified water drawn from the northern well of the temple to the accompaniment of religious incantations.

After the Snana Yatra rituals are performed, the Gods are traditionally believed to fall ill and are kept in Anasara Ghara.

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