Smartron Launches Tbike Onex Electric Bike: All You Need To Know


New Delhi: Smarton India has announced the launch of the tbike OneX, the second generation e-bike built as a multi-modular, multi-purpose and multi-utility vehicle primarily targeting rideshare and delivery markets.


The pricing starts at INR 38,000 excluding GST. The e-bike can achieve up to 25kmph speed and has a range of 100km+ with battery swapping and on-board charging options.

Talking about the features of the latest the tbike, the tronX platform in conjunction with the tbike app and tlock offers a range of customized fleet and rider management features and easy integration into existing IT systems of rideshare and delivery service providers facilitating Remote Vehicle Monitoring & diagnostics and real-time business intelligence such as asset utilization, battery status, asset location, remote lock/unlock, geofencing etc.

Smartron, continuing its philosophy of Design and Engineered in India, ‘tbike oneX” is completely Designed and Engineered in India and thus eliminating current supply chain and logistics challenges faced by companies trying to import bikes from China and other countries.

OneX is the first multi-purpose e-bike catering to B2B segments comes with Magnesium Alloy wheels, puncture-proof tires, and a lifetime warranty on the frame. The bike’s frame is specially designed using aluminium, which renders its lightweight and rust-proof and long life.

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