‘Smart’ cricket ball to be introduced in Australian Big Bash League


New Delhi: A major innovation of technology is going to be witnessed in Cricket as a cricket ball with an embedded microchip could be introduced in Australia’s Big Bash League (BBL) this summer.

As already playing a major role in cricket, Australian sports Equipment Company Kookaburra is developing a “smart” cricket ball, one embedded with a microchip to provide real-time feedback.

The SmartBall has been in development with technology partner SportCor for the past two years.

According to Kookaburra, the new ball will change the way cricket is coached, played, officiated and experienced.

The chip inside the core transmits information from the ball back to a phone or tablet app.



The company said it feels and moves the same way as a regular Kookaburra cricket ball, but collects and communicates instant statistical data on revolutions, as well as the speed at release, pre-bounce, and post-bounce from the embedded microlight chip, at different stages of its journey from the hand of a bowler.

A bowler will be able to release delivery, and then immediately look to his or her smartwatch and check the speed or degree of turn.

According to the report, Kookaburra is in the final stages of testing the new product SmartBall having the ability to deliver instant statistics on the speed at release point, pre-bounce and post bounce which are more comprehensive and accurate than normal radar. It will also measure revolutions at the same points, which is unprecedented in-game data for spinners.

This SmartBall can in future assist the umpiring and Decision Review System (DRS) process by showing whether a ball has definitively hit the bat or the grass, in the case of catches that are too close to call.

As BigBash league will face the Smartball’s smartness, every cricket fan and enthusiasts are waiting for the new techno-revolution in Cricket history.

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