Singapore: Floating solar farms to fight climate change


Singapore: The space-starved Singapore is going in for floating solar farms to fight climate change. This is an endeavour to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Singapore though world’s smallest countries, is the prosperous financial hub with biggest per capita carbon dioxide emitters in Asia. Renewable energy is a challenge in a country with no rivers for hydro-electricity. The wind is not strong enough to power turbines.

The country is hardly the size of Los Angeles. The tropical country has turned to solar power of late. It has embarked upon setting up energy plants off its coasts and on reservoirs.

Singapore is aware of the urgency of cutting emissions as the island-state is threatened by rising sea levels because of climate change.

Among the measures is increasing solar energy use four-fold to around two per cent of the nation’s power needs by 2025, and to three per cent by 2030 , enough for 350,000 households per year.

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