Simple Health Tips For Monsoon! 


New Delhi: Monsoon has arrived and it is soothing relief from the unbearable summer heat. However, we need to remember that the monsoon also invites a lot of health issues with it. Here are some smart tips for you.  

Increase vitamin C intake

Monsoon is the perfect time for viruses and bacteria to thrive. You will notice that it is this time of the year when viral fevers, allergic reactions and other viral infections are most rampant. Similarly, the air has more bacteria during this time than at any other point. To remain healthy, you need to increase your immunity. One of the easiest ways of doing that is increasing your Vitamin C intake. Eat sprouts, fresh green vegetables and oranges to have a Vitamin C rich diet.  

Drink Clean Water

We all have a tendency to drink less water during the rainy season, but your body still needs to stay hydrated if you want to remain healthy. During the monsoons, make sure that you are drinking clean and purified water, whether at home or outside. If you do drink beverages outside, ensure that only pure water is used (including ice cubes). It is best to take your own bottle of water with you to be on the safe side.   

Increase Probiotic Intake

Probiotics are healthy microorganisms that support your health, they typically live in the gut and digestive system. Make a point to increase your intake of probiotic foods like curds, yoghurt, buttermilk and homemade pickles. These can make your gt health significantly more resilient, while also improving nutrient absorption. Not only will you be making your digestive system healthier, but you’ll also be building your strength against any potential stomach infections down the road.  

Avoid junk food

Street food, freshly cut fruits and other kinds of food items sold on the street should strictly be avoided. The road is usually filled with potholes full of water and mud. These form perfect incubators for various kinds of harmful microorganisms. The longer the food items are exposed to the open air, the higher they are likely to become home to them. So, every time you eat your favourite junk food, you are more likely to contract a disease.  

Add a disinfectant to the bathwater 

Most people love taking a stroll in the rain. It is refreshing and one of the wonders of human life. However, remember to bathe with a disinfectant like Dettol, Savlon or Betadine, every time you get wet. It will save you from the millions of microorganisms you carried home and help you stay healthy and fit. Washing your hands and feet, legs are advisable as you get back. Remember, use only clean water to wash your face.  

Get your clothes ironed

It might seem like a strange tip, but the monsoon is perfect for moulds. Closets, wardrobes and almirahs are generally used to store clothing, bedsheets and linen. These places stay cool and start to get damp as the rains progress. With wet moisture come moulds. Since, there’s seldom any sunlight to warm your clothes, getting them ironed is the next best thing. 

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