Simple And Effective Hack To Chop Onions Without Tears


New Delhi: Since the onion enzymes are the culprit of your tears, there are many myths about how to cut onions without crying.  Some tricks worked wonders, and others left us in tears (literally).

Refrigerate the onions.

Refrigerate the onions for 30 minutes before chopping. The cold temperature of the refrigerator will release a chemical reaction in the onion that reduces tear-inducing enzymes, making them easier to chop. However, refrigeration is not ideal for storing onions as moisture can build up inside and cause premature rotting.

Choose sweet onions.

Sweet onions, like Vidalia and Texas Sweets, are the best for cutting. They have a higher sugar content than other onion varieties and tend to be less intense. That makes them perfect for all your cooking needs.

Salt it out.

Now that you know how to wash your onions, it’s time to chop them! Use the right tool. A sharp knife is key when cutting an onion, but your blade’s shape also matters. As with other vegetables, a serrated blade will make cutting an onion easier than a straight-edged one.

Next up: salt out some juice from your chopped onion. The salt draws out the liquid inside each little cell in the onion and makes it easier to cut through without getting stuck on any tough membranes or fibers that might be hiding inside. Just sprinkle some kosher salt over your chopped pile of deliciousness (we recommend about 1/2 teaspoon per medium-sized onion).

Don’t slice too fast.

As you slice, don’t rush it. Slower is better when using a sharp knife. This will make cutting onions easier and less likely to cause tears because you won’t have to force your knife through the onion, which can easily happen if you are trying to cut them too fast or with dull knives.

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