Similipal Reserve Forest In Grip Of Wildfire Since February


Mayurbhanj: The world-famous Similipal Reserve Forest located in the Mayurbhanj district of Odisha has been once again in the grip of wildfire.

Even though forest officials are trying to douse the fires, they have not been able to contain the blaze fully.

As per sources, the flames are rapidly spreading in Podadiha Range, Patharakhani, Begunapata, and Chitabani areas and devouring greenery in the process.

Locals alleged forest department has failed to control the blaze. Environmentalists say ‘Dept lacks sufficient manpower, not equipped with modern technology to douse the fire effectively’.

As a result, core areas of the forest are facing the heat with fires spreading there. There are several types of plant species, rare orchids and medicinal plants that are getting engulfed in the wildfire.

The wildfire has charred a number of medicinal plants, some large trees and wild animals. A few days ago, major wildfire had also broken out in Khaladi and Tanakasahi reserve forests under Udala range. The two earlier forest fire incidents had taken place in just two weeks, a source expressed.

It has not been ascertained whether the forest fire occurred naturally or was man-made.

Worthy to mention, about 578 incidents of fire were recently detected in Odisha forests over the week between February 1 and February 8, according to Forest Survey of India (FSI) report.

It is said to be the highest wildfire cases detected in the country in a single day.

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