SIMI outlawed for another 5 years for ‘subversive activities’


New Delhi: The government has extended its ban on Students Islamic Movement of India(SIMI) for another 5 years for indulging in ‘subversive activities’.

According to a notification in January 31, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) said that SIMI “has been indulging in activities, which are prejudicial to the security of the country and have the potential of disturbing the peace and communal harmony and disrupting the secular fabric of the country”.

The MHA said that if the ‘unlawful activities’ of SIMI are not curbed and controlled immediately, it will take the opportunity to continue its subversive activities.

Such activities will disrupt secular fabric of the country by ‘polluting’ the minds of the people by creating communal disharmony, the notification said.

The group was founded in Aligarh in 1977. It was first outlawed in 2001 and has been banned several times since the last time being February 2014.

The government is of the view that SIMI might continue to propagate anti-national sentiments and escalate secessionism  in the country.

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