Shruti Seth Shares Mantras To Relieve Stress, Anxiety


Mumbai: Actor Shruti Seth, who is kind of lively on social media, posting health and well-being content material for her followers, shared another video, introducing us to the ‘grounding sport’ method.

The actress shared on her Instagram account that “This is a great way to ease stress and anxiety, become mindful and increase focus and concentration.”.

The game intends to involve all of the senses, so that whatever is bothering your mind can take a backseat, allowing you to concentrate on the things that are in your immediate vicinity.



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It works like this:

* You first name five things you see around you.

* Proceed to name four things that you can feel — like your skin, your hair, a plant, your pillow, etc.

* Next, name three things that you can hear — like the fan, a bird outside your window.

* Move on to name two things you can smell, or like the smell of — a talcum powder, for instance, or your favourite perfume.

* Lastly, focus on one good thought about yourself.

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