Shocking! Priest Blesses Devotees By Placing Feet On Heads In Khurda


Khurda: In a shocking incident, devotees were seen sitting in rows while a priest places his feet on devotees’ heads and backs to bless them during Vahana Puja on Vijaya Dashami.

This has been reported from Banpur area of Khurda district.

Footage filmed on Vijaya Dashami revealed devotees undergoing the humiliating ritual. The video of the same is doing rounds over social media platforms.

Usually, priests give blessings through hands and via words. But in this unusual incident, the priest either misused his religious position or the devotees were blind-sighted by their beliefs.

As age-old tradition devotees worship their vehicles on Vijaya Dashami. On this day people clean and polish their vehicles with great solemnity and patience, and then perform the puja of the vehicles. A symbol of the Swastik is drawn with vermillion and the vehicle is worshipped with flowers, rice etc.

The video purportedly showed that the devotees were not surprised by the act of the priest for them the act is normal.


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