Shashi Tharoor hails Chidambaram for standing against persecution


New Delhi: Congress leader Shashi Tharoor has come out in support of P Chidambaram for ‘standing up to persecution’ and ‘character assassination’.

Chidambaram was arrested on Wednesday evening by the CBI in the INX Media case. The Congress leader introduced netizens to a complex word — schadenfreude — which means ‘pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune’. Tharoor dwelt upon the word in connection with the harassment of Chidambaram in the INX Media case.

Rahul Gandhi said :”Modi’s Govt is using the ED, CBI & sections of a spineless media to character assassinate Chidambaram. I strongly condemn this disgraceful misuse of power”.

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra said: “He unhesitatingly speaks truth to power and exposes the failures of this government, but the truth is inconvenient to cowards so he is being shamefully hunted down. We stand by him and will continue to fight for the truth no matter what the consequences are”.

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