Shah Rukh Khan Tweets To Fan Who Sent 143 Requests Asking To Meet His Brother


Mumbai: Superstar Shah Rukh Khan on Tuesday responded to a fan’s tweet, who had been asking him to connect with his specially-abled brother for months now.

Responding to a video tweeted by the fan, Amrit, Shah Rukh sent his regards to the fan’s family and added that he would get in touch with his fan sometime soon.

In a tweet, Shah Rukh wrote: “Sorry, Amrit, I hadn’t seen your video. Please give my regards to mummyji and I will figure out and speak to Raju soon.”


In the video, Amrit says that’s his first ever Twitter video and brings in his brother and mother into the frame while requesting Shah Rukh to get in touch with his brother, who is a huge Shah Rukh Khan fan.

Amrit, who has been tweeting to Shah Rukh since January, numbered his requests and this was his 143rd one. He has also been tagging the tweets with the hashtag “#RajuMeetsShahRukh.”

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