Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Day: All You Need To Know About

New Delhi: Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Day is observed on February 12th each year. Sexual health is a very important part of staying healthy and you must follow a healthy lifestyle so as to maintain your sexual health. Humans need to reproduce after all in an order to continue moving forward.

Objectives of this Day:

  • Create and increase the awareness of health issues related to reproduction and Healthy Sex.
  • Reduce the diseases transmitted through unhygienic sexual activities. Prevent and control Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).
  • Improve the individuals sexual heath and help people get to know about various sexual wellness supplements and other medicines.

Sexual & Reproductive Health Awareness Day aims to: –

  • Provide sex education to teenagers and adolescents.
  • Help people know the right practices of sex and contraceptions.
  • Promote Family Planning Clinics and institutes where you can openly discuss with a doctor.
  • Help people not to shy away to talk about healthy sex due to traditional norms.

In India, Sex is regarded as a taboo. You won’t find your parents talking to you about sex and thus you do not have adequate knowledge about the correct sexual practices.

A whopping 85 per cent of these infections occur in developing countries – in India, about 6 per cent of the adult population suffers from one or the other form of STI or RTI. This means, over 80 million adults in India are at risk of developing fertility disorders only due to lack of awareness and adherence to sexual and reproductive health. Other sexually-transmitted infections that contribute to fertility disorder include bacterial vaginosis (BV), wherein normal balance of bacteria in the vagina is altered due to increase in a certain type of bacteria; genital herpes, caused by herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) and herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2); and human papillomavirus (HPV) infection that also causes cervical and mouth cancer.