Seven-year-old boy branded with hot iron in Sundergarh


Sundergarh: In yet another instance of harmful traditional practices, a seven-year-old boy of Biramitrapur in Sundergarh district was branded with a hot iron rod in a bid to cure anaemia.

Reportedly, the minor boy was suffering from blood deficiency known as anaemia. Following this, he was branded with a hot iron rod in order to cure the ailment. But after a while, the child’s health deteriorated.

Later, the boy was rushed to a nearby government hospital where doctors stated his health condition to be critical and kept him under observation, sources said.

Notably, branding refers to a traditional practice of creating ‘therapeutic’ burns with hot iron rods over the skin in order to treat various diseases.

Such practices prevail in some districts of the State even after many awareness camps organised by the State government and several social organisations.

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