Servitors engaged in Snana Purnima will be tested for COVID-19


Puri: All servitors engaged in Snana Purnima ritual of Lord Jagannath and his siblings will be tested for COVID-19, Development Administrator of SJTA Ajay Kumar Jena said.

Jena said the dates for collecting their swab samples for COVID-19 will be announced before Snana Purnima. He said that Garabadu Nijog plays a vital role in the Snana Purnima rituals as it helps the Lords to take bath using 108 pots of water.

The development administrator of temple administration said on May 15 members of Daitapati Nijog on COVID-19 were sensitized.

Puri ADM  Binay Das said: “All members and office bearers of Garabadu Nijog were present today in the awareness meeting on COVID-19. They were sensitized on precautions to be taken against COVID-19 and how at the same time they will conduct the rituals of the Lords”.

Jena said all the 189 sevayats who were tested for COVID-19 earlier have tested negative for the killer disease. He told reporters on the preparations for the Rath Yatra.

Madhab Chandra Mohapatra, Garabadu sevayat, said a list of names of 108 Garabadu sevayats will be submitted to the administration within two days. Mohapatra said the sensitization progamme was very helpful and they are thankful to state government and SJTA for such an act.

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