‘Serial Killer’ Ayurvedic Doctor Arrested In Delhi


New Delhi: In a shocking incident from Uttar Pradesh, an ayurvedic doctor held for murdering truck drivers and feeding the bodies to the crocodiles has been caught after jumping parole while on release for good behavior.

Twitter users in the country are sharing news reports about 62-year-old Devender Sharma, the alleged mastermind, behind the murders of many truck and taxi drivers from Delhi and its neighbouring states. His crimes included a kidney transplant racket, the operation of a fake gas agency and sales of stolen vehicles. People are shocked at how he killed his victims and dumped their bodies in a crocodile-infested canal in Uttar Pradesh, to make sure he left no trace of his crime.

The exact number of the people he killed is unknown. Reportedly, when police arrested him on Wednesday, and questioned him, Sharma said he had lost count after 50 murders.

Devendra Kumar Sharma, 62, was arrested by Delhi Police in the capital recently. In January he actually failed to return from a weeks-long parole after serving 16 years behind bars.

Devendra was given a life sentence in 2004 in Rajasthan after being found guilty of several murders between 2002 and 2004, which got him the nickname of “Dr Death” in the media.

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