Senior IAS Dr. Krishan Kumar Takes Over As IDCO CMD


Bhubaneswar: Senior IAS Officer, Dr. Krishan Kumar today took over as the Chairman-cum-Managing Director of the Odisha Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation (IDCO).

On the first day of his visit, he reviewed the various programs and activities of IDCO. At the meeting, he first focused on the state government’s ‘5-T’ action plan. He urged departmental officials to take immediate steps to set up 10 MSME parks and IDCO towers in different districts of the state. He also discussed the establishment of an MSME park near the Biju Expressway Corridor in Western Odisha.

Kumar directed the authorities to implement the existing land allotment and post-allotment services process in Idco through Information Technology (IT) and to address the various problems of the industrialists as soon as possible. He also directed the acceleration of various industrial parks set up by IDCO, such as the Sea-Food Park in Deras, the Plastic Park in Paradip, the Angul Aluminum Park, the Textile Park in Bhadrak, the Info Valley Food Park.

Similarly, he directed that a building plan be issued to the prospective industrialists within 3 to 4 days in order to strengthen the building plan approval process provided to various industries by IDCO. In addition, he introduced the One-Day Governance system and provided immediate approval and resolution of various issues, problems, and all development programs at IDCO.

He instructed IDCO employees and various industry organizations to arrange for them to be notified directly to their chairman via e-mail, which he said would be investigated and reviewed in person.

The meeting was attended by IDCO’s General Manager (Administration), Chief General Manager (Finance), Chief General Manager (Land), Chief General Manager (Civil), Chief General Manager (Planning and Coordination), and all other senior officials.

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