Secretariat unvoiced: Officers’ inthing that echoes in 2nd floor


There is something fishy in the state secretariat nowadays. Officers are seen heading upstairs from the 1st floor with their heavy feet as if some kind of fear grips their shoes underneath.

The state’s power corridor seems like trembling with whispers regarding the administrative head’s vigilant tendency since the day he was conferred with the powers. Interestingly, it seems even difficult for the officials to sip a cup of tea without the head’s permit.

At the outset, officers are quite annoyed with his inquisitive approach and alleged unfair treatment. Being helpless, officials who held a proposal to travel abroad or seek nod for going out of station, return from the 2nd floor in vain with their swollen faces.

The resentful gossips have started echoing around the walls of the secretariat and every Tom, Dick and Harry is tensed over the head’s calculative moves to cut government’s expenditure which was especially spent on officials during their lavish tours.

Even though, a sense of helplessness prevails amongst the officers but they lack the courage to stand strong facing the bull standing right ahead.

They have no other option, as they know it is obligatory to follow the ‘Instructions’ from the top boss silently.


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