Sec 144 Imposed At Barunei, Ugratara Temples


Khurda: The district administration on Thursday imposed prohibitory orders under section 144 in and around shrines of Goddess Barunei near Khurda and Ugratara in Tangi area to prevent public gathering during the upcoming Raja festival.

Order will remain in force from June 14 to 20.

Raja festival or Mithuna Sankranti is a three-day-long festival celebrated in Odisha. The second day of the festival signifies beginning of the solar month of Mithuna from, which the season of rains starts.

The first day is called Pahili Raja, second day is Mithuna Sankranti, third day is Bhu daaha or Basi Raja.

The final fourth day is called Vasumati snana, in which the ladies bath the grinding stone as a symbol of Bhumi with turmeric paste and adore with flower, sindoor etc. All type of seasonal fruits are offered to mother Bhumi. The day before first day is called Sajabaja or preparatory day during which the house, kitchen including grinding stones are cleaned, spices are ground for three days.


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