Season’s First Jallikattu Begins In Tamil Nadu’s Pudukottai, 22 Injured


Chennai: At least 22 people suffered injuries at the season’s first jallikattu (bull taming) event in Tamil Nadu’s Pudukottai district today.

Around 350 bulls and 250 bull tamers participated in the event.

The event originally scheduled for the 6th of this month was postponed by the district collector Kavitha Ramu over non-compliance of the guidelines issued by the administration.

The Tamil Nadu Government has put in place safety measures to ensure the safety of the bulls and spectators including double barricading, and screening of the bulls by veterinarians besides monitoring by animal welfare board nominees.

Like all the festivals that pour magic in your holidays in Tamilnadu, the cultural festival of Jallikattu has its own authenticity. Celebrated in the month of January on the third day of Pongal festival, Jallikattu is a bull taming traditional sport played in villages of Tamilnadu.

The sport is played in an open ground where a bull is let loose amid hordes of people who try to control the bull by piling on its hump or horns.

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