Scrapping of Article 370 is unconstitutional: Priyanka Gandhi


Lucknow: Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi has broken her silence on Kashmir issue and called the move “unconstitutional” a week after Article 370 was scrapped.

The Congress general secretary who was on a visit to Sonbhadra village in Uttar Pradesh to meet the kin of 10 tribals killed in a recent firing incident, disproved the way the Narendra Modi government had abrogated the Constitutional provision.

Priyanka said: “The manner in which it has been done is completely unconstitutional and it’s against all the principles of democracy. There are rules to be followed when such things are done, which were not followed”.

Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi had slammed the move to bifurcate Jammu and Kashmir and stated that “national integration” cannot be achieved by tearing apart a state.

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