Schengen visa application fee hiked


New Delhi: A trip to much of Europe will now cost more as Schengen visa fees has increased to 80 Euros from the current 60 Euros, officials said. A Schengen visa is needed to visit 26 European countries, including Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Switzerland and Spain.

The increase in visa fee comes as an updated Schengen Visa Code takes effect from February 2.

It brings the fee in line with the level where it would be today if it had been aligned to the general EU-wide inflation rate since 2006. For regular travellers, the fee increase is offset by the new rules on long-validity visas.

Visa fee is still waived for children below six-years-old (as it was the case in the previous rules).

In addition, it is now possible for member states to waive the visa fee for minors between the age group of 6 and 18 years under the new visa regime.

According to the latest exchange rates, a Euro is equivalent to Rs 79.37.

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