Scared Of Clogged Pores? Here’s How To Prevent


New Delhi: Do you have clogged pores on your nose, chin, or other areas on your face? Don’t worry we can help you how to prevent them and how to treat clogged pores when they do show up.

How can you help prevent clogged pores?

  1. By ensuring that dead skin, debris and impurities are effectively removed, you can help prevent some of the main causes of clogged pores. When dead skin builds up, pores become more visible and enlarged and skin can even appear rough or dull. To help prevent clogged pores, follow these tips:
  2. Exfoliate skin several times per week. More than any other step, exfoliating is one of the key ways you can help prevent clogged pores. Exfoliating helps remove dead skin and also improves skin’s renewal process.
  3. Cleanse skin twice a day and after exercise or excessive sweating. By removing dirt, oil and debris from the skin’s surface you can help reduce the likelihood that they will become stuck in your pores.
  4. Remove makeup thoroughly at the end of the day to help prevent pores from becoming clogged overnight.
  5. Ensure that your moisturizers and other skincare products are non-comedogenic, which means they won’t clog pores.
  6. If you have oily skin , you may also want to look for formulas targeted to help control excess shine.
  7. Take care not to overly touch your face throughout the day as this can transfer dirt, oil and impurities to your face.

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