SC refuses action against officials for killing tigress Avni in Maharashtra

New Delhi: An animal rights activist withdrawn contempt petition against Maharashtra forest officials for killing a tigress in 2018 after Supreme Court refused to take action.

The highest court of the land stressed that the “man-eater” was killed as per its orders.

It may be recalled that the petitioner, Sangeeta Dogra, had approached the apex court seeking contempt action against those linked to the killing of the tigress. The tigress was known then as Avni or T1.

Dogra had cited the post mortem and DNA reports of the tigress to substantiate his claim that it was not a man-eater. Chief Justice SA Bobde then questioned how does a post mortem show if an animal is a man-eater or not. Dogra then replied that a man-eater would have nails and hair in the intestine for six months. But, the stomach of the tigress was empty.

Forest officials in Yavatmal district in Maharashtra along with a hunter named Asgar Ali had killed the tigress as it was a man eater. Dogra alleged the forest officials celebrated the killing of the tigress through a function and a silver idol of a tigress was handed to Ali as trophy.