Sattu Benefits You Must Know About


New Delhi: A superfood in India, Sattu is often referred to as the powerhouse of energy due to its numerous health benefits. Click here to learn more about sattu benefits in detail! Let’s look into the sattu health benefits and various other uses.

Provides Energy And Hydration

The scorching summer heat brings in restlessness and a lack of energy that makes you feel drained. Sattu contains cooling properties that make sattu drinks some of the best summer refreshers to keep you hydrated and energetic throughout the day!

Helps In Digestion

Consuming sattu on an empty stomach every morning is known to improve your digestive tract and bowel movements. This is because it is filled with insoluble fibre that is great for cleaning your colon and relieving you from issues like acidity, swelling, and clogging.

Amazing For Hair And Skin

Including sattu in your daily diet helps your skin to naturally glow as it provides hydration and is rich in iron.

Sattu has the necessary nutrients like protein and iron to strengthen your hair follicles and improve your hair health as well.

Maintains Healthy Glucose

Sattu contains a low glycaemic index. A glycaemic index is a tool that measures the relative effectiveness that any food item will have on your blood sugar. So, the higher the index, the quicker the food will break down and cause a rise in your blood glucose.

Diabetic patients are recommended to eat foods with lower glycaemic rates as that won’t fluctuate their blood glucose levels rapidly. Sattu, being a low glycaemic index food, helps regulate sugar levels, which is excellent for diabetic patients.

Drinking sugar-free sattu sharbat keeps your blood sugar and blood pressure in check.

Works Wonder In Weight Loss

Losing weight is a combination of consistent workouts and limited calorie intake. Along with getting on the treadmill, going to the gym, walking around the neighbourhood, or even doing yoga, you must be conscious of what you consume.

If you are struggling with staying within your daily calorie limits, consuming something low in calories but high in fibre can be effective! And sattu is an excellent addition to your weight loss journey. It is known to reduce bloating and increase metabolism, promoting healthy weight loss.

Lowers Cholesterol

Sattu contains fibre which is necessary to regulate your blood pressure and cholesterol. It protects your coronary arteries and could possibly help in reducing the chances of developing high-risk heart problems.

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